Friday, July 18, 2014

Comment on gallerys and artists

                                                 Acrylic painting by Gloria Bosa Osorio
Today it is more important than ever that a gallery work together with its members without losing its vision of quality, creativity and integrity. Artists who show in a gallery need to take a role in helping the gallery. It is not enough today to simply deliver your work and walk away, leaving the gallery to do everything for you. It is equally not enough to simply paint a pretty picture or sculpt what you consider to be a masterpiece. There are many masterpieces in the world.
Much depends on where the art is shown, how the art is promoted and the artists themselves. In addition, artists should assist the gallery selling their work by providing tools for the gallery to work with such as biographies and additional images of other works. Help can also be given by promotion through their own websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts.. Efficiently doing business today takes a “team” effort and should include the whole team.

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