Saturday, August 23, 2014

Art in Restaurants

Los Olivos Restaurant in Centro de Bellas Artes in Caguas, Puerto Rico
A reasonably priced restaurant elegantly decorated with art
            It is amazing the rate that new restaurants open and the rate that restaurants go out of business.  
           Think about the dreams people have when they open a restaurant. What they can serve, drinks they can offer, the tables, the dishes and glasses, the parking lot etc. But when it comes to atmosphere many of them fail. It doesn’t matter if the restaurant is expensive or economical, atmosphere matters. If you have two restaurants side by side and they both serve rice and beans, both delicious, and they serve chicken, pernil, fish all perfectly cooked but one restaurant took care in the decorations and the other didn’t, which one would you choose?
               To me atmosphere is as important as the food. So, I ask, why don’t more restaurants put art on their walls? Why can’t they give their patrons something to look at while they are waiting for their food? Is it that they decide, since their prices are low, they should put cheap posters on their wall instead of trying to give some sort of class to their business. Really?
               Certainly everyone knows an artist. Instead of asking them to put art there for free at the artist’s expense (which is why many good artists may not do it), can’t they work on a payment plan with the artist or gallery instead?  Whether it is a gourmet or a sandwich restaurant, atmosphere is an important investment for a business and it will keep people coming in.

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